Gift Certificates

An exclusive gift for your closest family and friends.

You can get it in a christmas version, too.

You can buy the gift certificate at any SABAI branch in Prague, Brno and Bratislava or through e-shop. Please, take a little while for choosing the massage.

Several tips for your purchase:

You obtain the gift certificate in an elegant envelope Sabai or you can buy an envelope made of Thai handmade paper .

Before redeeming the certificate, please make your booking by phone and bring the certificate with you.


  • The certificate is not time limited. We reserve the right to end the validity of the gift certificates. In such case, we will inform our customers 12 months in advance on our websites.
  • We do not return money for the gift certificates.
  • Customer's duty is to submit the certificate to the receptionist before the massage. Lost or severely damaged certificates will not be accepted.
  • The gift certificates that were not picked up will be after 12 months considered as a lost thing and will be destroyed.